Zheni Warner's world is one of constant change and present challenge. What will happen next? Who knows? But I guarantee that it will be something exciting and stimulating.

J.D. Lesny, (catalogue introduction 2012)

"Taking her inspiration from  Byron...Zheni Warner applies square layers of rich colours with drip marks reminiscent of spun sugar.  With mauve at the centre radiating out in a riot of fresh green the work seems to possess its own inherent source of  light." 

"Zheni Warner keeps her stylistically successful work fresh by the addition of neon illumination in a decadent visual cocktail of glorious glazed colours." 

Heidi Hadley (Eastern Daily Press)

"Zheni Warner works in layers of translucent colour. Racing lines form a theatrical frame for individual brushmarks that appear like characters on a stage at the centre.  These compositions have great depth, are iridescent and shine like a mirror." 

"Zheni Warner's lush multiple resin glazes of luminous colours are in danger of rendering your home dull by comparison.  Within a frame of tonally gradated motifs, a sea of naples yellow, exquisitely rich colour and light shimmer within an iridescent chamber- practically edible." 

 (Richard Inman, Eastern Daily Press)

"Eluard, le poete de la Liberte, comme la peinture de Zheni. Elle laisse grandir son inspiration pendant les semaines. Un tableau de Zheni commence quelque part et finit nulle part ou en plusieurs dimensions. Celles de la liberte, extension nerveuse du dessin qui depasse la peinture pour aller vers la sculpture... Elle peint en dehors de tout academisme, de tout totalitarisme intellectuel, en dehors de tout concept-refigerateur." 

(Midi Jour)

Le foisonnement Zheni Warner "Un debauche de coleurs: rouge, noir. Etrange melange d'angoisse et de gaiete. D'abord dans ces dessins, qui vous saissent des l'entree. Ensuite, avec ses supports papier, colles aux plus folles pensees.  Et puis, feu d'artifice, ces droles de peintures, grands format qui vont jhusqu'a l'alambique (comme des pieces rajotees). Et qui parlent d'amor et de mort.  Avec foisonnement et de force." 

(La Depeche du Midi)

"Zheni Warner's work is like a dazzling concerto, ever changing in pace and mood: soft and gentle here, hard and furious there, at times a light solo instrument, at others the full power of the full orchestral ensemble but always falling seemingly effortlessly into place.  Vaguely geometrical shapes are used to counterpoint more lyrical free gestural marks. One series displays a studied elegance that reminds one of Matisse's desire to paint pictures that are "like a good armchair one can relax in." Zheni Warner's work displays a firm draughtmanship and a feeling for colour which takes ones breath away. 

(Philip Stephens, Art Line)

REVELATIONS Imagine a technicolour dream.  There is a crack of thunder, a burst of lightning.  Lava oozes from the wall, dribbles its way across the floor towards your naked feet. Somewhere beyond a voice intones parts of the Revelation of St. John. The voice becomes more triumphant. The lava has solidified on wall and floor.  Remnants of wrapping remains where it has been torn asunder to reveal the volcano beneath.  These are paintings by Bulgarian born artist Zheni Warner, each bearing a biblical quotation as title.

Although the threat of the atomic bomb has been temporarily lifted from us, the range of wars and disputes with which we are surrounded pounds away at our materialist security.  Zheni Warner's paintings are those of a secular age, where specific images of hell can no longer compete with the war photographer or the art of Hollywood.  Wisely she steps away from such competition and allows her paint and its variety of surfaces to speak for her.  Here is a rising cloud of smoke, perhaps from a bunt out city. By its side are smooth stripes of jasper and gold from a temporal palace.  Elsewhere black and red and cadmium yellow drip down the canvas like elements caught in a firestorm.

Yet she is ultimately an optimist.  All this is shown as if revealed behind curtains and, literally, hidden within pages which have to be turned for the story to become clear. It is a tale of what might be rather than of any certainty of destruction, a cautionary fable.  Even the fable itself has its romantic elements, suggestions of redemption and eternal life.  From beneath the clotted surfaces plants and trees can be seen forcing their way out, their bright colours crying out hallelujahs in the expectation of life everlasting.

(J.D.Lesny. Art Review)

Bulgarian born artist Zheni Maslarova Warner has inherited the natural feel for colour so prevalent in Eastern Europe and in the Balkans in particular.  Her sensitive and delicate paintings are proving increasingly popular. In France they have been well recived in the past, perhaps because they fit well with that country's tradition of 'belle peinture'. Their layers of colours build up to a transparent surface, emphasised by the excitement and brilliant use of paint in their form. Her new works take her involvement with colour even further, incorporating light boxes and neon tubing to produce'two paintings in one'. 

(NORDART2012, Kunstwerk Carlshutte, catalogue)

Zheni's mother is an artist and both she and her native Bulgaria issue a strong undercurrent of central Europeam post-impressionism, although not through mannerism.  Schooled in a traditional approach to drawing she has, through the human form and landscape, drifted gently towards abstraction. She clearly loves the elements, the movement, tone and texture of the environment, is moved b season, temperature, by sound and sees her painting as organically a part of life's processes.

That which is inherent in ones genes should be allowed to blossom.  It is right to endeavour to identify oneself and to come to terms with that which is built upon it.  Many never do so, but I believe that Warner has adopted an enlightened and tough approach to her development. Through a regular daily working schedule she is building a firm structured energy into her paintings, which are now gaining strength.

Zheni Warner is prepared to take risks in her searches and struggles for the meaningful image.  She is an ambitious artist with a will to succeed and , unlike some pretenders, she is creatively active every day.  There is much adventure in her work that cause me to expect future developments in content and imagery.  I look forward to her next show. 

(Bill English. Art Line)

Les mystères de Zheni Warner "Zheni Warner peint, collée déchire et noircit ses toiles.  Elle plaque en deux dimensions tous les mystères de sapensée. Tout ce qu'elle n'ose pas dire de peur d'être montrée d doigt, elle l'avoue a son interlocuteur anonyme, celui qui recevra son message crypte sur papier.  Elee est en cela semblable tous les artistes. Rien n'est jamais anodin, si cette jeune femme se plait a dessiner le monde en abandonnant le figuratif, elle n'est pas pour autant incapable de tracer les courbes parfaites des visages de madone. Mais peut-être a-t-elle trop copie a linfini des icones academiques en Bulgarie, son pays d'origine, pour renouncer une fois pour tout a decrire la purite des lignes des visages d'ange.

Elle préfère, comme Picasso avec son 'Guernica faire un enchevêtrement apocalyptique de son 'Tchernobyl' rouge.  Dans un monde de désordre ou tout se veut logique sans l'etre, que reste-il si ce n'est le non sens? L'art contemporain reflète finalement cette démarche sinueuse de l'artiste et de l'homme par consequent , dans un univers qui le dépasse.  Alors, Zheni Warner communique a sa façon en tracant sur ses toiles des mouvements amples atcolores.  Des massages pafous doux et sensuels ou durs et foudrayants!

(C.F en L'Independant)