To the end of the month Zheni is showing a wide collection of paintings...
  • Thompson Galleries
    GOOD NEWS! Zheni is now associated with the Thompson Gallery near Marble...
  • Richmond Hill Gallery
    A whole raft of new paintings and some very large older ones in this extensive...
  • Worcester Cathedral
    Worcester Cathedral exhibition from 5 January 2016 includes many of the...
  • Norwich Cathedral
    The Hostry at Norwich Cathedral,  from 6th to 25th January 2015.
  • London Group
    The 82nd London Group exhibition in Cornwall Road London SE1 from 27 October...
  • Past Exhibitions
    Exhibitions over the last couple of years include: Nordart12, Germany Contempo..
  • St Pancras Church
    From 28 February to 7 March A strange venue for this, an old crypt with arches ..